My Hero Academia Succeeds in Making Shigaraki the Ultimate Threat

My Hero Academia continues to heat up summer with its current 'Paranormal Liberation War' arc, as [...]

My Hero Academia continues to heat up summer with its current "Paranormal Liberation War" arc, as we finally get to learn more about the new powers of Plus Ultra Shigaraki! The League of Villains leader awoke from his stasis tube with his disintegration powers boosted, and his All For One power finally unlocked. As the last chapter of the My Hero Academia manga showed, Shigaraki's new disintegration powers can can take out an entire facility (and part of a town) without the evil boy even touching anything However, as the latest My Hero Academia chapter reveals, that's just the start of the threat that Shigaraki now presents!

Warning - My Hero Academia SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia sees Shigaraki come to awareness once again, after his power-boosting process. Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya, Bakugo, and other members of Class 1-A are still on the ground, trying to halt Shigaraki's disintegration wave. While standing on the site that used to be One For All disciple Dr. Ujiko's secret lab, Shigaraki witnesses the effect of his new disintegration wave and instantly remarks on how its evolved: "Sweet... Guess I can choose when to make stuff Decay now."

If the disintegration boost wasn't enough, Shigaraki puts out the call to marshal his forces - which include the monstrous Gigantomachia, and his lieutenants in the Paranormal Liberation Front. That call to arms brings out some of the biggest guns that the pro heroes will have to face - including Shigaraki going toe-to-toe with No. 1 hero Endeavor!

However, there are deeper signs of Shigaraki's evolution, other than his new disintegration power and powerful lineup of soldiers. In the same scene where Shigaraki assesses the changes in his disintegration powers, he also hears a mysterious voice in his head, which hints at something deeper and more dangerous at work:

My Hereo Academia Shigaraki New All For One Disintegration Powers Manga 273
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

During My Hero Academia's Shigaraki origin arc, we learned just how insane the villainous leader is. After disintegrating his family when his quirk manifested, Tomura snapped, taking on the nihilistic world view of wanting to destroy everything in the world. It was so intense that he had to have his memories repressed by All For One and Dr. Ujiko - but now those handicaps are gone. Moreover, the voice bubble that Shigaraki hears saying "....stroy," is drawn in a similar fashion as the voice All For One speaks in.

So is Tomura's psyche coming apart due to his new power? Or is he hearing the call of the All For One power? Either way, the power + the madness makes Shigaraki the ultimate threat for My Hero Academia's heroes to defeat.