My Hero Academia Just Ushered in Its Biggest Death Yet

My Hero Academia's final act just killed off a major villain in chapter 395.

These days, My Hero Academia is going all out. While the anime works on a new season behind the scenes, the My Hero Academia manga is working through its final act. The story has been rolling fast ahead under creator Kohei Horikoshi's guidance. So far, a number of fights have been completed, and one of its best has finally wrapped. My Hero Academia chapter 395 completed the bout today, and in the end, it features the manga's biggest death yet.

So please be warned! There are huge spoilers below for My Hero Academia's final act. You have been warned.

The whole thing came to an end today as Ochaco vs Toga came to a close. Last week saw our hero reach Toga at long last, and it took a lot of time and blood to reach Toga. The battle ended with Ochaco nursing a fatal wound as she lost way too much blood in battle. Toga was left alive, but after having a heart-to-heart with Ochaco, the girl decided to sacrifice her own blood to save Ochaco from certain death... even if it cost her life to do so.

Despite her own injuries, Toga drinks Ochaco's blood as chapter 395 ends, and she takes a page from Twice's book. She transforms in Ochaco so she can perform a blood transfusion for the girl. Toga says all of her blood now belongs to Ochaco as she made Toga's heart feel incredibly light. The girl let Toga experience real acceptance, and that is why she is willing to give away all of her blood to save Ochaco.

As you can imagine, Ochaco is horrified by this move and tries to ward off Toga, but the villain doesn't listen. "Were you planning to visit me in prison and make those blood transfusions until I die," Toga asks. "I can't let you catch me. Just like how you can't bear to let me get away... Thank you, Ochaco. You've made me so happy. Truly, genuinely happy."

In the last pages of My Hero Academia chapter 395, we see Ochaco lying unconscious sobbing while Toga sheds her own tears. The villain then gives Ochaco a hug from the side as she weakens from blood loss. Eventually, the transfusion is too much to handle as Toga is seen dropping her transformation of Ochaco, and we get a final look at Toga's inner monologue before she passes.

While many were so hopeful about Toga's reformation, it seems My Hero Academia gave the girl an out on her own terms. She gave blood out of love this time rather than stealing it, so it is clear Ochaco helped Toga see something in herself she never had before. Sadly, the realization came just moments before Toga made the ultimate sacrifice, and now the question remains how will Ochaco handle this devastating blow when she awakens.

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