My Hero Academia Drops Toga's Best Fake-Out Yet

My Hero Academia's Himiko Toga is a villain who has made a major statement with fans due to how many undercover fake outs she has done throughout Kohei Horikoshi's series thus far, but the newest chapter of the series has what has to be the best fake-out from the villain yet. The current war between the heroes and Tomura Shigaraki's Paranormal Liberation Front has been especially trying for Toga specifically as she has been close to the emotional core of the action as Twice is still the biggest character that we have lost from either the hero or villain sides.

Toga's been dealing with her feelings about Twice's death, and given that she's not exactly dealing with her past traumatic experiences in a good way this news has only sent her into a tailspin. Now she's set to challenge her feelings about the young heroes like Deku, Ochaco and Tsuyu that she had grown fond of with her hatred of them...leading to an unexpected fake out and trap for Ochaco Uraraka.

Chapter 288 of the series continues from the emotional cliffhanger from the last entry that saw Toga preparing herself to challenge the heroes on their values. With Twice dead at the hands of the heroes, she's heartbroken and wants to see if the heroes that she's gotten attached to would be willing to bloody their hands as well.

My Hero Academia Toga Fake Out Uraraka Spoilers Manga Cliffhanger
(Photo: Shueisha)

It's a tragically twisted perspective as Toga doesn't really stop to consider all the lives she's taken in the way either. This most recent example sees Toga (presumably) cruelly kill a bystander in the area in order to fake out Uraraka and lure her into an enclosed space. Using this bystander as a disguise, she calls out to Ochaco and tries to get her to "save" her husband.


But when Ochaco chases her into the wreckage of a nearby house, Toga reveals herself completely and attacks Ochaco in the hopes of figuring out what the young hero would "do" to Toga in this situation. While Toga does have a point in her argument, her way of proving Ochaco's mettle has put more people in harm.

This has only made Ochaco even angrier as a result, and it's clear from this confrontation on that the two won't approach future fights in the same way. Well, if there really is a future fight coming for either of them. But what do you think of Toga's fake out? Who do you think is more in the right here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!