My Hero Academia Gives Toga an Ominous Warning

My Hero Academia is one of the most intense series in Shonen Jump these days, and it has all of its villains to thank. The baddies made things pop off when the ongoing Raid arc began, and the Pro Heroes are dropping like flies before them. Now, it seems like it is Toga's turn to get some answers this arc, but she was given an ominous warning before heading off for revenge.

The update happened in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, and it is a lot to process. Fans meet up with Toga halfway through chapter 288, and she springs into action after Ochaco arrives in their part of town. After all, Toga has been wanting to question the heroine about the treatment of villains, and she isn't about to let this opportunity pass her up.

My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Toga Deku Uraraka Hero Decision Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

However, it is Spinner who makes one thing clear to the girl. He knows how much Toga is hurting over Twice's death, so he is not going to stop her from seeking answers from Ochaco. But before she can head out, Spinner leaves Toga with these words:

"Toga, I know we're just a gang of strays who happened to find each other, but you're not the only one feeling messed up over Twice. The League was the only place he felt he could belong, and the boss probably wants us to stick together. I know that doing as we please is the villain way, but you'd better come back to us."

Despite it being better to stay, Toga heads out to confront Ochaco, but Spinner's words aren't leaving readers. In fact, many are curious why the warning was given at all. The statement was needed after Twice's death, but Spinner has worried fans more than ever. If Toga doesn't return to the league, something bad has happened to Toga, and that means something could have gone south with Ochaco as well.


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