My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Toga's Big Decision

My Hero Academia's current war has been tough on both sides of the conflict surprisingly enough, but it's been especially hard on the villains' side for Himiko Toga. The newest chapter of the series actually leaves on a cliffhanger in which Toga will be making a big decision when it comes to how she feels about the heroes. When you think about everything that has happened since Endeavor led the pro heroes on a raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front's bases of operations, Himiko Toga has taken the most notable loss in the arc

And that's what she's coming face to face with in the newest chapter of the series as Chapter 287 of the series ends with Toga questioning the validity of the heroes when one of the heroes could kill someone like Twice, who she only saw as a close friend. Now she wonders where they will draw the line.

Chapter 287 sees Dabi and the original League of Villains members prep for the next step of their plan as Shigaraki fights Endeavor. He's excited because they are finally going to tear down the "fake" world of heroes, and Mr. Compress asks Toga how she feels about moving forward because "those U.A. scamps" she loves are also heroes.

Toga then mutters to herself that she's wondering where the heroes draw the line if they are trying to save people, but could not consider Twice as a person. She's even wondering if they'll kill her too, and she wants to ask Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka about it. Because she says that she'll be "fine" depending on their answer.

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Looking back on the war thus far, Toga sort of has a point. While she has personally killed a number of nameless heroes, Hawks did indeed kill Twice. Looking at it from an overall structure standout, Twice is still the only major character who has died over the war thus far. While heroes have been permanently crippled or fatally wounded, there has yet to be a death to sort of balance those scales.


From Toga's perspective, she has every right to mistrust the heroes. It's why she joined Shigaraki's side in the first place, and soon we'll see what kind of decision she'll make about her feelings toward Deku and Uraraka and whether she will truly give her all to kill them. But what do you think?

How do you think Toga will confront Deku and Uraraka? What kind of resolution will Toga come to? What do you think the League of Villains' ultimate plan is when this first fight is over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!