My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Stuns With Long-Awaited Vigilante Return

My Hero Academia really stunned with the return of a long awaited vigilante with the cliffhanger from the newest Vigilantes chapter! It's been nothing but intense for Koichi Haimawari ever since the spin-off manga series kicked off its Naruhata War arc, and The Crawler has been doing his best to not only dodge the pro heroes but the attacks of the villainous Number 6 as well. The previous string of chapters has kicked up the intensity to a considerable new level, however, as Number 6 has been taking the fight to Crawler directly and morphed into a monstrous new form

Crawler has been able to keep up with Number 6's monstrous form so far thanks to the reflexes he had managed to hone over the course of the series thus far, but the newest chapter of the series has Crawler doing his best to run away from the villain as he's quickly reaching the limits of what he can do on his own. It soon looks like Number 6 is about to get the better of the young vigilante with a newly unveiled sniping form, but thankfully Crawler has a surprise guardian angel who manages to save him just in time. It's soon revealed that Knuckleduster is finally back in action as the newest chapter comes to an end. 

Chapter 110 of the series makes things pretty bad for Crawler as Number 6's Nomu clone bombs have limited where he could run to because it would put nearby bystanders in danger. It's soon revealed that this was Six's plan to funnel Crawler into a single alley where he was waiting nearby to snipe him with his "Sniper Style" form. When he gets Koichi right in his crosshairs, however, soon Knuckleduster appears and delivers some choice punches right into the villain's head. He understood the thought process behind Six's strategy and was right there to intercept him and save Crawler just in time. 

Aping All Might's "I am here" line, Knuckleduster has finally returned to action after missing for a very long time. He disappeared suddenly without word to Crawler or Pop Step about where he was going, and seemed to have reached some sort of new understanding about his life following the Queen Bee arc. But in that time, he's missed out on some of the major events that have happened in Naruhata and his return to the series is not only going to be a big boon for the vigilantes, but will finally turn this fight against Number Six in the right direction. 

What do you think of Knuckleduster's return to Vigilantes? Curious to see if he explains why he went away for so long? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!