My Hero Academia: Will We See Midoriya Transform Like All Might?

With Deku continuing to master the Quirk of One For All, he's becoming as strong as his mentor All [...]

With Deku continuing to master the Quirk of One For All, he's becoming as strong as his mentor All Might with each passing day, and while he continues to master the number of superpowers that are currently under his belt, we have to wonder if Midoriya will eventually have another thing in common with his teacher in his transformations. With All Might, aka Toshinori Yagi, first revealing to Izuku that his years of battling villains and saving citizens had made it so that he had a strong form and a weak form, one has to wonder if Deku will have the same.

Currently, in My Hero Academia's manga, the events of the War Arc haven't just made Midoriya different, they've made the world of Hero Society different as well. As Deku runs himself ragged in an attempt to battle villain twenty-four seven while also evading the clutches of All For One and Shigaraki, his costume has changed where the general populace believes that he looks more like a villain than a hero, but his physical form has remained the same. With Deku clearly eventually going to battle against All For One and his protege face to face, this could act as the impetus for Midoriya to start switching forms, as a similar series of events did the same for All Might.

My Hero Academia Transform
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As All Might explained to Deku in the early episodes of My Hero Academia, he had received so much damage that the former number one hero could only harbor the power of One For All for hours at a time. Following his insane battle against All For One, All Might used the majority of his power and suffered enough damage that he can now barely transform into his strong self, only being able to maintain his true power for a few seconds. Even with Midoriya swinging across the skyline and battling for his life, All Might hasn't even attempted to use his Quirk.

Much like All Might, Midoriya is being put through the wringer right now and the battle that might end the series also might make it so that Deku will need to follow his mentor's path and lose the majority of his control over One For All.

Do you think we'll see Deku transform one day? Will we see a Midoriya that looks more like the bulky version of All Might or his weaker frame? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.