My Hero Academia Teases a New Arc for Izuku and All Might

My Hero Academia is teasing a new arc for Izuku Midoriya and All Might as they confront the real [...]

My Hero Academia is teasing a new arc for Izuku Midoriya and All Might as they confront the real damage they have done to one another as teacher and pupil! Although All Might passing down the power of One For All to Izuku at the very beginning of the series is a powerful moment that launched Izuku into a whole new future (in which he will apparently one day become the number one hero as teased by his opening narration), when you think about it all, their journey together has all been predicated on a lie.

Not only the lies All Might and Izuku tell one another, but the fact that they have been keeping One For All a secret from everyone around them. This was a necessary secret between them to keep Izuku safe from All For One's clutches, of course, but as the Final Act of the series continues to blow up all of these outside factors and their joined secret had been revealed, the series is gearing up to explore what this will mean for Izuku and All Might going forward.

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The Final Act of the series began with Izuku revealing the One For All secret to his Class 1-A classmates, and All Might revealing the secret to Endeavor and the other top pro heroes, because the conflict is now in a more extreme place than ever. As Bakugo points out in Chapters 319 and 320, All Might and Izuku being allowed to work with one another on their own was a bad decision. We see this happen as by the time Class 1-A catches up to Izuku, he's been beaten down both mentally and physically.

The series has been steadily revealing how All Might has been reckoning with his feelings of failure over how he's taught Izuku through their time together thus far, and that came to an end with their last meeting as Izuku abandoned him completely. Now that the secret tying the two of them together has been unveiled to the world, it's the time for the two of them to truly confront how they have been operating all of this time without outside help.

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