Naruto Anime Revives the Akatsuki in New Promo: Watch

It is hard to believe, but Naruto has been around for more than two decades at this point. The Hidden Leaf Village came to life in 1999 thanks to mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, and Naruto carries on to this day. Of course, that is why all eyes are on the Naruto anime given its big 20th anniversary, and a new promo dedicated to the Akatsuki just dropped to mark the event.

As you can see above, a new PV was released by the Jump Comics team, and it is all about Naruto's best villains. The promo was shared in honor of the latest Naruto popularity poll as the global event took place this year. While the results have not yet been released, Naruto is hyping the anime fandom for what's to come, and this Akatsuki PV showcases just some of the manga's best characters.

After all, the Akatsuki is made up of anime royalty. From Itachi to Kisame and Deidara, the organization has some of the most notorious baddies in shonen anime. You can see the Akatsuki's full roster in this PV, and it goes without saying each of the villains looks gnarly. You don't want to mess with any of these rogue ninjas unless you're as strong as Naruto, and that can even be a stretch.

Sure, Naruto managed to beat a number of Akatsuki members, but the group took out tons of other top-tier ninjas. No one can forget that Pain is the person who murdered Jiraiya, and Hidan killed Asuma with help from his partner. In fact, the Akatsuki killed all kinds of VIPs and foreigner leaders. The group even killed Gaara for a bit before Chiyo sacrificed her life to revive the hero. So obviously, the Akatsuki should be treaded around lightly.

Hopefully, some of the Akatsuki members ranked high in Naruto's global popularity poll. Fans will learn about the anime's top picks later this year, and poll check-ins hinted at Naruto's winners. Everyone from Minato to Karashi ranked high on the list, so Naruto fans will want to keep their eyes out for the anime's official results. Until then, you can keep up with Naruto's sequel Boruto as the series is about to undergo some big changes. This month, the Boruto anime will bring part one to a close and go on hiatus until Studio Pierrot is ready to resume work on the series. As for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, the story will carry on with its monthly updates, and Boruto's latest chapter promises a time skip is around the corner. 

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