Naruto Fan Tests Out Rock Lee's Leg Weights Training in Viral Video

Naruto Uzumaki has done a lot of training in his life, but even his most daring routines have yet to touch Rock Lee. It goes without saying the Taijutsu master has done more training than most ninjas his age, and he continues that streak to this day. In fact, Rock Lee first became famous back in the day when he showed how powerful he was fighting Gaara during the Chunnin exams. And now, it seems one fan has tried to gain that power for himself with a now-viral workout routine.

The whole thing was done by Allen Pan over on Youtube. The creator, who has nearly 1.3 million subscribers, felt the need to take on Rock Lee's challenging workout. Of course, that means doing a whole lot of cardio and doing so with weights strapped to your legs.

naruto rock lee
(Photo: Pierrot)

If you will remember, Rock Lee was famous for training with weights on his legs and ankles. This additional weight made it even harder for Lee to do this training. Pan decided to try this out for himself in a bid to learn whether Lee's methods work. As it turns out, this sort of endurance will do more joint damage than anything else, but it will certainly push up endurance.

Of course, the kind of weights Lee used in the anime cannot compare to these. It is hard to erase the memory of the ninja dropping those weights during his fight with Gaara. The impact made by the weights hitting the ground left craters, so you can see what kind of power Lee operates under. And if we mere mortals could ever reach a fraction of this power, then our take on martial arts would become very different very quickly.


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