Naruto Web-Series Drops First Stunning Live-Action Episode

We all know that anime does have the best history with live-action anime, but small studios like RE:Anime are trying to change that. The hit Youtube channel has made well over a dozen live-action adaptations of shows from Tokyo Ghoul to Hunter x Hunter and more. Most recently, RE:Anime wowed fans when it let the world know a live-action web series was being developed, and the first episode of Naruto's "Climbing Silver" is here.

As you can see above, the debut episode has gone live, and it will give chills to just about any fan of Naruto. The fan-made project plans to tell the story of Team 11 during its bout with Hidan and Kakuzu. You may remember what an intense arc this is during the anime, and this first episode sets up all of the high points on the horizon.

The episode starts with Asuma and Shikamaru playing shogi as usual, and the poignant chat turns into chaos when the scene changes. It is there fans unite with Asuma as he leads Shikamaru and two others into battle against the Akatsuki. Their sneak attack on Hidan fails spectacularly when Kakuzu shows up, and this first episode ends before Asuma's fate is revealed.

Clearly, this live-action take brings the action of anime together with real-world choreography and budget effects. Fans on Youtube are already raving over the project in light of its indie budget, so there is hope yet for Hollywood and anime. You know, that is if studios start taking their adaptations as seriously as RE:Anime does.


What do you think about this impressive first episode? Do you like this take on Naruto in live action? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.