Assassination Classroom Gets Live-Action Teaser from Re:Anime

Assassination Classroom was originally created by Yusei Matsui in 2012, hitting manga shelves across the world and introducing us to an extremely unorthodox anime story. In this franchise, an alien descends on earth and makes a proclamation after destroying a huge chunk of our moon: "defeat me in a year or I will destroy your world". Rather than offering the opportunity to a group of experienced soldiers or martial artists, "Koro-Sensei" begins training a class of students in not only how to kill himself, but also how to be great students themselves. Now, a live action trailer has been created by anime fans, recreating one of the biggest fights in the series.

The group of anime fans turned filmmakers took the fight from the final season of the Assassination Classroom where students Nagisa and Karma decided to test their strength and mettle against one another, using weapons that were designed to kill their teacher with a material made to destroy the alien that is Koro Sensei.

Koro himself is quite the strange looking teacher, being somewhere in the middle between an octopus and a "smiley face", but his power cannot be beat. Having insane levels of strength and moving faster than DC Comics' The Flash, the alien teacher is constantly attempting to teach his students with a smile while dealing with their constant assassination attempts. Each of the studetns have their own unique personalities and have wildly different ways of trying to bring their teacher down before he can make good on his threat of destroying the world in one year's time.

Re:Anime has made a name for itself by recreating some of the biggest fights in the world of anime and entertainment in general, diving into such franchises as Avatar The Last Airbender, Naruto, Batman Beyond, Tokyo Ghoul, and many more.


The fight in question between Nagisa and Karma is a flashy one, acting as a test of strength between the two classmates, though the pair could not be more different with one another. The relationship with the two is almost akin to that of the bond between Naruto and Sasuke, with Karma seeming to be a brilliant mind who was made a name for himself in class after being expelled from his original school, and Nagisa acting as the main protagonist of the series who is a reserved and quite kid, until its time to attempt to kill his teacher that is.

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