'Boruto' Has 'Naruto' Fans Worried About Akamaru

Most anime fans know who Naruto is, but only its most vetted watchers understand the blond-haired hero is not the one to watch. No, like any good boy, Akamaru is a scene-stealer in Naruto because who doesn't love adorably deadly dogs? Kiba's partner is as likely to lick you as he is maul you, and fans came to love Akamaru for his duality.

So, you can understand why the latest episode of Boruto had fans panicked.

This week, the anime debuted its newest episode, and the release brought Kiba back into play. The ninja was seen working alongside Mirai and Hanabi with the Leaf Village's police force to track a gang, but there was someone missing. Akamaru was nowhere to be found, and some fans were left devastated thinking the ninja dog had died. However, that is not the case.

Boruto has not killed off Akamaru, but the dog isn't likely to play a big role in Kiba's missions moving forward. The dog may have been a puppy when he was introduced, but it has been years since then. Akamaru was about four during the original Naruto anime, and he turned eight by the end of its sequel. So, Boruto meets up with Akamaru when he is at least ten if not older. Clearly, the doggo has earned his retirement by now.

The manga makes Akamaru's fate more clear than the anime. At one point, the series shows Kiba when the older man runs into Tamaki for a chat. The would-be couple talks while a much older Akamaru lazes behind them, surrounded by a few cats and his own pup. The once-feared Inuzuka dog may be old, but he's still around to point Kiba in the right direction. And, if Boruto knows what's good, then it won't dare mess with the nin-dog's happiness.


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