Naruto Unlocks Sasuke's Worst Fear in New Boruto Episode: Watch

Naruto has been around for ages now, and in its lifetime, fans have learned a good bit about its stars. From Kakashi's favorite food to Sakura's favorite flower, we have learned it all. Of course, that includes some of the series' darker truths such as Sasuke's worst fear, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just forced the Uchiha to face that scene in its latest episode.

After all, Sasuke is a pretty fearless guy, but there is one thing that can make his heart stop. The thought of losing a loved one is understandably awful for Sasuke, and he had to contend with that fear this week after losing track of his wife.

As you can see above, Boruto went forward with a new episode this week, and it brought Sasuke's Retsuden to an end. The story carried on as Sasuke faced down the warden overseeing the prison he infiltrated with Sakura. Of course, things took a bad turn when his wife was poisoned and left incapable of using chakra. This left Sakura vulnerable to the prison's collapse, and well – Sasuke's emotional performance in the face of her absence says it all.

Sasuke isn't emotional outwardly, but the idea of Sakura being in danger throws his rationale out the window. In the end, Sasuke is only able to save his wife because of the ring he made her using chakra. While she was left without such power, Sasuke's ring had enough residual chakra in it to track, and Sasuke made quirk work of unearthing his wife. The moment has fans of the couple swooning worldwide, and honestly? It is nice to see Sasuke express his emotions like this and get a happy ending. Most of his outbursts have ended in heartache, so this was an overdue change of pace.

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