Naruto Cosplay Depicts Sasuke Retsuden's Power Couple

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is prepping to follow its source material from the manga once again, as the Code Arc will begin later this month and see Team 7 fighting against the right-hand man to Jigen who is looking for revenge following the death of his master. Before then, the anime will finish Sasuke Retsuden, the side story that takes place during the era before Boruto Uzumaki took center stage and gives us some major moments in the couple's history that hadn't been told in the Shonen's past.

While Sasuke Retsuden saw the Uchiha fighting against a dinosaur for what many fans consider to be a bit too long, the story arc has also given fans some big moments in the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura. With the final member of the Uchiha giving Sakura a ring to solidify his feelings for her, this definitely made for a good time period to explore. Alongside the anime adaptation, the arc is also printing new chapters of its manga, with the story first hitting the anime community via a novel series that broke down an adventure that saw Naruto in dire straits with his former teammates looking to aid the Seventh Hokage. 

Naruto's Power Couple

Instagram Cosplayer Refeen shared this take on Sakura and Sasuke sporting their Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' aesthetics, with their union resulting in the birth of one of the biggest new characters of the sequel series in Sarada, who was able to become the leader of Team 7 thanks to her tactical genius:

Sasuke has been having a rough time since the death of Jigen, with the battle resulting in him losing his eye thanks to an Otsutsuki-influenced Boruto. Now, no longer having the power to rely on his Rinnegan jutsu, the Uchiha is going to need to rely even more on the next generation when it comes to fighting the latest incarnation of the Kara Organization. Of course, in the manga's recent chapters, we've seen a whole new slew of problems arrive thanks to Konoha's latest surprising recruits in Eida and Daemon, Code's former allies.

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