Naruto Has Already Patched Up Sakura's New Plot Hole

Naruto Uzumaki has been around for decades at this point, and his series has racked up a number of loose ends. From inexplicable power boosts to unanswered questions, the anime has seen it all. This includes any number of plot holes, and Boruto has collected its own in time. And now, fans have found the answer to one such hole dug by Sakura herself.

For those unaware of the debate, it seems from Boruto's latest arc starring Sasuke and Sakura. The anime kicked off 2023 with a flashback saga adapting the popular Sasuke's Story novel. Recently, the arc hit a cliffhanger that left Sakura incapacitated, but many were unsure how that could happen given her yin seal.

After all, Sakura was able to follow in Tsunade's steps and unlock her own 100 Healings seal. The power is incredibly versatile as Sakura has used it to heal herself in battle countless times. However, the seal was never used in Boruto's most recent episode after Sakura was poisoned. Some claimed this meant the ninja was just as useless as she was in her genin days, but fear not! Naruto already explained why the seal was unable to work in this case.

The answer was shared years ago in Sasuke's light novel. It was there the series explained the following after Sasuke was poisoned with the weapon: "Judging from your symptoms, I'd say it was likely a type of poison with action potential effects. It obstructs the chakra network, causes depolarization, and overexcites the central nervous system. The fact that you have no resistance to it means the substance is particular to this region.

So, there you have it. Sakura's seal is all about chakra and its ability to move through the body once it uses a chakra spark to activate. The quick-acting poison kept Sakura from activating the seal, and even if she could, fans are not convinced it would even work in this case. After all, Naruto stressed the seal worked by enhancing cell division and regrowth, so that doesn't guarantee a poison antidote. Sakura would have to put research into curing the toxin, and well – she cannot do that if the poison has paralyzed her.