Naruto Just Brought the Manga's Most Romantic Scene to Life: Watch

If there is one thing Naruto has made clear over the years, it is that Sakura and Sasuke are end game. The pair share a long history, and of course, their relationship blossomed into something romantic after Kaguya's defeat. These days, the ninjas enjoy life married to one another, but the Uchiha household shies away from anything overly lovey-dovey... or it did until this week.

And why is that? Well, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just did the most for fans. The show just aired a new episode of Sasuke's Story, and it was there one of its most romantic scenes ever was adapted.

The whole thing follows Sasuke and Sakura on a mission to decipher a riddle. The pair end up in front of a lake filled with starlight, and obviously, the setting is romantic. It sparks Sasuke to ask a serious question about his prolonged absences, and it gives us a vulnerable take on the former rogue nin.

"I've never once worried about us when we've been apart. But sometimes it does get to me [like] when I come home for the first time in a while and realize Sarada has gotten taller or see that you've changed your hairstyle," Sasuke admits while holding Sakura's hand.

It turns out his wife feels the same, and Sakura even calls out the crow's feet Sasuke has developed whenever he smiles. The moment is adorable given the couple's shared smiles, and Sakura ends the scene by squeezing her husband's hand and reassuring him of their bond.

Sasuke, I know you inside and out, so you have nothing to worry about," she admits. And of course, this makes Sasuke squeeze his hand back.

This scene may not be incredibly romantic by, say, shojo standards but it goes a long way in Naruto. The series is not overly worried about romance, but it has a number of couples on hand. Sasuke and Sakura happen to be one of its most popular, so fans were eager to see how the anime would adapt this moment. And obviously, Boruto crushed it.

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