Naruto: Boruto's Voice Actor Confirms COVID Diagnosis

While vaccination efforts for COVID-19 are underway, cases are still high worldwide was the pandemic continues into the latter half of 2021. In Japan, the nation's slow-going vaccination rate has been a point of discussion for weeks, and a slew of celebrities have announced their own diagnosis. Now, it seems the actress who voices Boruto Uzumaki has come down with COVID-19.

The information was made public by Axl One, the talent agency that manages Yuko Sanpei. The voice actor began feeling ill earlier this week before running a fever on Tuesday. A PCR test was done at a local hospital, and Sanpei's results came back positive for COVID-19.

At this time, Axl One says Sanpei is "undergoing medical treatment and follow-up observations under the guidance of health care and medical facilities." The notice ended with an apology to fans for worrying them, and netizens have responded with love for Sanpei.

For those unfamiliar with the actress, she has voiced an impressive number of characters in the anime industry. These days, she is known best for voicing Boruto in the titular sequel to Naruto. Sanpei also voices Ryo Akizuki in Idolm@ster and Ryu in Snow White with the Red Hair. She has also worked on series like World Trigger, Pokemon: The Series, Gintama, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Butt Detective, and more.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations isn't expected to suffer delays in light of the star's diagnosis. Of course, that can change. But for now, all is well with the production schedule. This has left fans plenty of time to send their good wishes to Sanpei as they hope the actress gets feeling better soon.