Naruto References Pain's Deadly Invasion in Latest Boruto Chapter

Naruto Uzumaki lived through one of the Hidden Leaf Village's darkest times, and it came along with Pain. The then-leader of the Akatsuki horrified fans as he culled hundreds of ninja in an instant. By the time he carved a massive crater in the village, fans were too numb to react properly, but the Hidden Leaf has finally recovered after many years. But thanks to a new chapter, it seems like another threat has arrived that could outdo Pain's destruction tenfold.

Recently, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out a new chapter, and it kept tabs on Isshiki. The Otsutsuki was forced to fully possess Jigen in chapter 47, and this new update saw him flex his power for real. By the end of this latest update, readers were horrified to find Isshiki at the gates of the Hidden Leaf... and his stance is rather familiar.

As you can see at the chapter's end, Isshiki arrives at the village high above the ground. The villain is shown looking down at the Hidden Leaf while his cloak flaps in the wind. There are plenty of people down below walking, and the point of view used in this shot mirrors the one used for Pain. Fans were shown the Akatsuki leader this way before he carved away most of the village, and there is no doubt Jigen could do much the same if he wanted.

naruto boruto pain isshiki

Of course, Naruto is around to keep that from happening, and the same can be said for Sasuke. The pair affirmed they are willing to die for the village if forced, so the ninja are very aware of how strong Isshiki is. Now, fans are terrified the baddie will try to destroy the village much like Pain did, but the Otsutsuki has other things to do. His first goal is to reclaim Kawaii, but there is no telling what other plans the baddie is hiding.


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