Naruto Reveals Kashin Koji's Sage Mode

The Legendary Sannin came into the Naruto franchise in their own time, and their legacy lasts even to this day. The Third Hokage's students were rightly known as some of the most powerful ninja to ever walk the Hidden Leaf. Of course, Jiraiya kept a special place in our hearts given his work with Naruto Uzumaki, and his recent return to the franchise through Kashin Koji has kept fans on edge. And in a recent chapter of the manga, fans watched as Jiraiya's Sage Mode made a comeback out of nowhere.

So you have been warned! If you have not read chapter 48 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, there are spoilers below:

The recent chapter brought the manga back to life after last month's big installment, and this update was bigger than ever. Fans watched as Kashin continued his fight with Isshiki after the Otsutsuki took over Jigen for good. As you can imagine, Kashin has had some trouble holding ground against Isshiki in his fully powered form, and that is why he had to resort to using Sage Mode.

kashin sage mode boruto

The form makes its full appearance towards the end of the chapter, and t looks different from the one Jiraiya rocked. The clone has his sage marks around his eyes, and they dip to a point on his cheeks. However, unlike Jiraiya, it seems like Kashin has maybe mastered Sage Mode. Fans have been told countless times that Jiraiya's Sage Mode was never perfected, and that gave him a mode toad-like appearance whenever he used the technique. Kashin doesn't appear to have any froggish features, so this Sage Mode might work differently than the one fans saw with Jiraiya.


By the end of the chapter, Isshiki followed through on his promise to defeat the clone, but Kashin managed to escape before he was taken out. Fans are not sure what comes next for the fighter, but it seems Kashin is ready to tackle his own autonomy in the same way Mitsuki had to earlier in the series. And if that is the case, it will not be too long before Kashin meets Naruto in a long-awaited encounter.

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