Naruto Cosplay Brings Jiraiya Back From The Dead

Jiraiya has had quite the impact on the Shonen franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto, with the Pervy Sage being one of the biggest influencers when it came to Naruto Uzumaki becoming the Seventh Hokage of Konoha. Though he might has perished during the events of Naruto: Shippuden, thanks to the actions of his former student Pain, his legacy continues in more ways than one and one fans has created new Cosplay to bring Jiraiya back to life.    

During the anime-only stories of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Jiraiya made a comeback thanks in part to a time travel epic that saw both Boruto and Sasuke traveling back into the past of Konoha and arriving in the age of the original series, where Naruto as a boy had just begun training under the Pervy Sage. Battling against the Otsutsuki member known as Urashiki, Jiraiya teamed up with the ninjas from the future but ultimately was not able to save his own life within his doomed timeline. There are no hints that Jiraiya is set to return, but it seems that he is living on in a unique new way via the clone of Kashin Koji, a villainous member of the Kara Organization.

Instagram Cosplayer Becca Supreme has brought one of the most powerful ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village back to life, taking us back to the earlier days of the series before the Kara Organization was the major threat to the ninja world and the Akatsuki were seeking to accomplish the goals of the alien ninjas known as the Otsutsuki:

Kashin Koji hasn't been seen in either the episodes of the anime or the pages of the manga since he was nearly killed by Jigen during their one-on-one fight for the future of the Kara Organization. Retreating so that he could save his own life, Jigen has since died as a result of his war against Konoha, leaving fans to wonder if Kashin might join the side of the angels should he return as Code is attempting to put together a new form of the villainous ninja collective. 

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