Naruto: What You Need to Know About Jiraiya's Clone

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has revealed that a clone of Jiraiya has been in our midst since [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has revealed that a clone of Jiraiya has been in our midst since the inception of the series, proving that the legacy of Naruto's deceased master has continued to move forward long after his death. With Jiraiya being killed in his battle against Pain of the Akatsuki during the sequel series of Naruto: Shippuden, his absence has been long felt within the streets of Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, yet his shadow continues to loom not just through his student in Naruto, but through the mysterious figure that has been appearing in the latest anime series.

Warning! If you haven't figured it out as of yet, we'll be revealing the identity of Jiraiya's clone that has recently been revealed in the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!

In the battle between Kashin Koji and Jigen, during the "Kara Organization Civil War", the newly resurfaced Isshiki has spilled the beans that Koji is in fact the clone of Jiraiya, seemingly having been created by Kara's head of research and development, Amado. As Amado notes in his interview with Naruto and several other high ranking officials in Konoha, he has always known that Koji has been a clone of Jiraiya. There's still a lot of mystery when it comes to the origins of Kashin Koji just how he was created, but we're sure that these details will be revealed.

Jiraiya Clone Naruto
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So what do we know about Kashin so far when it comes to his status as Jiraiya's clone? Well we know that he is able to access a number of different ninjutsu abilities that Jiraiya had at his disposal, having shown that he has the power to wield the Rasengan, create shadow clones, and even summon giant frogs using sealed techniques. Inheriting the genetics of the "Pervy Sage", Kashin is a very different character from Jiraiya in terms of personality, mostly being seen as a serious, rogue ninja who was moving to accomplish the goals of the Kara Organization.

We also know that Kashin is far younger than Jiraiya, with his mask begin destroyed during the battle with Jigen, as his identity was brought to light. Koji hasn't been afraid to take a life, but he definitely feels the sway of the personality of his "father" in Jiraiya, with Naruto feeling a mysterious bond with the character that was only revealed during this latest chapter. We don't know if Koji will survive his fight against Jigen, but we're sure that more of the origin of the clone of Jiraiya will be explored in the franchise's future.

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