Naruto Explains Amado's Real Plan for Kawaki's Karma

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has reached a major turning point in the newest arc of the series, and the latest chapter has finally revealed what Amado's true plan for Kawaki's Karma really is! Amado has been one of the more curious additions to the series when he was introduced as a member of Kara. It was made clear early on that the scientist was seeking something different than the rest of the group, and that's even more true now that he has fully aligned himself with the Hidden Leaf Village. But as he explains his reasoning, it's sparked even more questions.

When he implanted a new Karma within Kawaki's body, it started raising questions about what his real plan could be as it was not only revealed that he had planted the idea in Kawaki's mind in the first place, but he gave Kawaki even more powers as a result. As Amado broke down more of his reasoning behind researching the Otsutsuki Clan's powers and the Karma mark in the newest chapter, it's revealed that he was the power of resurrection as way to bring his dead daughter back to life. 

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Why Does Amado Want Kawaki's Karma Power? 

Chapter 75 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations sees Amado reveal that he had a daughter who died 12 years before of an unknown disease. Doctors couldn't cure it, so Amado discovered that a true solution would be to clone her in a new body. Though he implanted this clone with memories and she looked exactly like his daughter, it was not the resurrection that Amado had been hoping for. On top of that, this is when Isshiki Otsutsuki approached him about bringing her back in full. 

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When Amado discovered that this plan wouldn't work out, he figured out that a path to bring her back would be through the resurrection power of Karma's power. Putting his daughter's DNA in Kawaki's newest Karma, it's now been blended to the point where all Kawaki needs to do is put this Karma inside a new clone body to properly bring Amado's daughter back. But it seems too simple (or noble) of a plan that Shikamaru and the others don't immediately trust it just yet. 

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