Naruto: Kawaki Debuts New Karma Form in Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations saw Kawaki debut a mysterious new Karma form with the newest [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations saw Kawaki debut a mysterious new Karma form with the newest episode of the anime! With the anime making its way through the Kawaki saga, the newest episodes of the series have seen Boruto and the others making their necessary preparations for Kara's next move after Naruto took down Delta. But as revealed with the newest episode of the series, Kara's next move surprisingly involved its leader, Jigen, as he sought to reclaim Kawaki directly. With this, we get to see a whole new side of Kawaki as his Karma progresses further than ever before.

While we have seen Kawaki and Jigen use their respective Karma abilities to some extent, Jigen seems to be evolving Kawaki's Karma in a more direct way as the two of them come face to face once more in Episode 203 of the series. With Jigen directly threatening Naruto, Kawaki tries to use his Karma once more. But this time it's much different as now he's growing a full horn with the transformative power. Check it out below as shared by @Abdul_S17 on Twitter:

Following the cliffhanger from the previous episode that teased Jigen's Karma power is tied together with a mysterious new Ten-Tailed Beast, Jigen decided to make his own move and directly transported into the Uzumaki household in Episode 203. Using Kawaki's Karma as a guiding point, he opened up a portal and briefly took down Naruto (who also has to hold back lest he put his house and village in danger) in order to take Kawaki back with him.

Grabbing a hold of Kawaki, Kawaki's anger unleashes this more advanced from of his Karma transformation. This unveils a horn much like Jigen seemed to grow when he used a fuller version of his Karma mark in the previous episode as well. This only raises further questions about his current connection to Kawaki and the evolution of the Karma power itself. Now that Jigen is gearing up to face off against Naruto and Sasuke as of the end of the episode, hopefully we'll learn more about Karma very soon.

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