Boruto Debuts Jigen's Karma Form

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations debuted Jigen's own Karma with the newest episode of the series! After introducing Kawaki to the anime series with the original Vessel arc, the anime is now entering a brand new arc focused all on Kawaki. Known as the "Kawaki: Clash With Kara" arc, this newest arc of the series will see the anime adapting the original manga run of the series far more closely and this means some major reveals are on the way as Kawaki and Boruto learn more about their shared Karma marks and powers.

The newest episode of the series begins this string of big reveals for Karma and its abilities as Kawaki opens up to Boruto about how he ended up with Karma in the first place. As Episode 194 of the series demonstrates, Jigen had been brewing Kawaki as a potential vessel for the Karma power and his experiment to implant that power within him had resulted in the debut of his own Karma in the anime series. Check it out below as spotted by @Abdul_S17 on Twitter:

Episode 194 of the anime takes the first step into this new Kawaki focused arc as he and Boruto are now forced to live together in the Uzumaki household under Naruto's supervision. Boruto and Kawaki are having trouble seeing eye to eye, but the two of them also understand that in order to learn more about their Karma power (and potentially remove it) they need to work together from now on.

As a show of good faith, Kawaki inquires about how Boruto got his own Karma and was surprised to learn that Kara wasn't involved. Kawaki then reveals through a flashback (following his first meeting with Jigen explored in a previous episode) that he had gotten his directly from Jigen. This sparked Jigen's own Karma transformation, and it was during an experiment in which Kawaki was the only survivor.

He reveals that he woke up with Karma soon after without really knowing why he survived, but the more worrying thing is Jigen. Jigen's own Karma power is likely more developed than Kawaki's, and after seeing what that power is capable of, it does make Jigen all the more fearsome. But what do you think?


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