Boruto Teases Jigen's Terrifying Power Source

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations teases Jigen's terrifying power source with the newest episode of [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations teases Jigen's terrifying power source with the newest episode of the series! Ever since he first came to the anime, Jigen has been one of the most mysterious elements of the Vessel and Kawaki arcs. Things had gotten even more curious as it was soon revealed that he was the one that had implanted Karma in Kawaki, and he had access to his own form of the seal as well. Now things have gotten even more curious as of the newest episode as more pieces have been added to the puzzle.

The newest episode of the series follows up on the mysterious cliffhanger that saw Sasuke ending up in a strange dimension as he continued to investigate Kara, and soon it's revealed that Jigen seemingly has a direct tie to the Otsutsuki. Not only that, it seems that we have seen a tease of his power source as he interacts with a new Tailed Beast as of the newest episode of the series.

Episode 202 of the series sees Sasuke investigating this new space, and he discovers that it's connected with the Otsutsuki. He soon devises that each of them have come in pairs, but before he can investigate this further Jigen arrives there as well. Sasuke notices Jigen's own Karma, and soon Jigen interacts with the Ten Tailed Beast that he's crafting in that special dimension.

Siphoning its power (or perhaps giving more of his power to the beast), Jigen soon resonates with a strange red aura that activates his Karma. It takes it to a further point than we have seen in the past too as Jigen seemingly grows a horn with this newest Karma transformation. This just furthers all of the mysteries about Karma that we've seen in previous episodes, but also makes those Otsutsuki connections between Boruto and Momoshiki make all the more sense.

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