Naruto Finally Explains Boruto And Kawaki's Powers in That Flash-Forward Scene

The Naruto franchise has finally answered one of the longest-running mysteries of its Boruto sequel series: How did Teenage Boruto and Teenage Kawaki gets those formidable powers in Boruto's flash-forward opening sequence? It's been something of a cirtical question, as Teen Boruto and Kawaki's duel seemed to use powers unlike the traditional chakra jutsu methods the Naruto series has established. Now, thanks to the details of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 67, we finally know the full details about how Boruto and Kawaki earned the powers they eventually will clash with. 

As Boruto's latest arcs unfolded in the manga, we learned that Boruto and Kawaki were both tapping into the power of the Otsutsuki through their respective Karma marks. However there was still the massive question of if and/or how Teenage Boruto and Kawaki were actually free of the curse of Otstustuki possession, as the resurrection protocol was the true purpose of Karma.


In the latest chapter of Bortuo's manga, Natuo and Shikamaru are left reeling after Kawaki punched a hole through Boruto's chest, seemingly killing his "bro." Thankfully Boruto manages his own special 'resurrection' feat – or at least Momoshiki Otsutsuki achieves it for him!


Because Kawaki hit Boruto with a fatal blow, Momoshiki was forced to make an uncharacteristically noble sacrifice: save Boruto's life. If Boruto had died, Momoshiki would lost his only vessel for resurrection; instead, Momoshiki had to use the final portion of his soul that hadn't "downloaded" into Bortuo to repair the boy. The result is a stalemate: Boruto no longer has the threat of being possessed by Momoshiki hanging over him, but still retains all the villain's power; however, Boruto now is now fully Otstusuki and no longer human – forever marking him as a viable sacrifice to the Ten-Tails. 

Boruto has now set the stage for how Boruto and Kawaki can evolve their respective powers to the level we've seen in their teenage flash-forward. It's actually one of the more intriguing subplots that Bourto will inevitably be exploring, going forward, as we learn how BOruto and Kawaki learn, train, and evolve their Otsutsuki powers to become two of the most uniquely powerful shinobi of their generation. 

What we still don't know about Boruto's flash-forward sequence is what ultimately makes Boruto and Kawaki have such a big falling out that it nearly destroys all of Hidden Leaf... 

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