Naruto: Boruto Is Planning an Extended Hiatus

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will indeed be taking an extended hiatus, as was rumored. Boruto's manga series has announced that it will be taking a break through July, and won't resume until August 20th. Since Boruto is only released monthly it's not a shockingly long hiatus or anything – but it is significant enough for fans who wait with anticipation each month for the next chapter of the Naruto saga. And given where Boruto's manga series just left things, it's indeed going to be a long wait until the end of summer gets here, and the story resumes. 

(WARNING: Boruto Manga SPOILERS Follow!)

The current arc of Boruto's manga has seen a dark aftermath arise from Naruto and Boruto's battle against the threat of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Isshiki's Kara organization was in shambles, but the group's remaining cyborg creations – Code, Ada and her young brother Daemon – have turned out to be its worst. Naruto's forces have successfully defended against two sneak attacks by Code and Ada, both outside Hidden Leaf Village and within its walls. However, those confrontations have not been won without great cost, including Boruto nearly being taken over by the soul of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, and Kara's revolutionary scientist Amado beinng taken hostage by Ada.

At the end of Boruto Chapter 71, Amado succeeded in splitting Ada and Code's little faction apart, using the wedge of Kawaki. Ada is infatuated with Kawaki – especially since Kawaki's Otsutsuki DNA makes him impervious to Ada's love charm powers, offering her a genuine chance at winning someone's affections. Meanwhile, Code has a rage-fueled grudge against Kawaki, since his Kawaki first stole Code's destiny as Isshiki's chosen vessel – then Kawaki stole Code's desired place as Ada's object of affection. 

Chapter 71 of Boruto ended with Ada learning deeper secrets about Kawaki and his new Karma powers, while Code made a dark vow: he's going to take away what Kawaki holds most dear, and that means his surrogate family with Naruto, his friends in Hidden Leaf, and the village itself. 

All things being honest, the Boruto manga has felt like it was in something of a slump with this latest arc – much in the same way the anime has. That being said, it's clear that there's some big conflict and action on the way, as both Code and Ada make (and presumably enact) their own respective plans to strike at Naruto, Boruto, Kawaki and co. 

...That's just going to make the wait to get there that much more painful. 

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