Naruto Gives Boruto a New Karma Ability

Naruto Reveals Boruto's New Karma Ability

Naruto has revealed a new ability hidden in Boruto's Karma mark. Thanks to the Otsutsuki powers we now know that Karma gives to Boruto, the young Shinobi is able to manifest space-time jutsu in the form of a portal to another dimension. That's a game-changing turn for Boruto, as it gives him a level of power on par with Sasuke, his mentor. At the same time, it's also an ominous sign that the progression of Momoshiki Otsutsuki's "download" into Boruto is progressing faster than anyone expected. It's just a question of what will happen first: 

Will Boruto be able to master his new level of power to help save Hidden Leaf, Naruto, and Sasuke from Isshiki Otsutsuki? Or is he taking another step closer to his own possession by Momoshiki? 

In the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, "Prepared", Isshiki Otsutsuki continues his furious battle with Kara's traitorous agent, Koji Kashin, aka the clone of Naruto's mentor Jiraiya. Isshiki has pieced together Amado's scheme - including the chess move of Amado sacrificing Koji in order to force Isshiki to use Jigen's Karma to fully resurrect himself. However, Koji doesn't go into death quietly, he fights Isshiki with everything he's got, but the Otsutsuki's shrinking and storage jutsu proves to be more formidable than anyone could've imagined. Koji Kashin barely escapes with what's left of his life and body. 

Isshiki wastes no time after fighting Koji - he heads straight back to Hidden Leaf, in order to level the village and seize Kawaki, the one vessel that can actually hold Isshiki's essence. With Isshiki on the streets of Hidden Leaf, the people under Naruto's protection have never been more in peril. Naruto steps up to fight for his people but knows that the collateral cost will be massive. That's when Sasuke arrives on the scene - with a master plan of his own.


Sasuke attacks Isshiki head-on, which looks like a futile move - at first. However, when Sasuke hurls his sword at Isshiki, the villain finds out that he cannot shrink the blade, like all the other objects his jutsu affects. That's because it's not a sword at all - it's Boruto, hidden behind some transformation jutsu! Sasuke's ruse allows Boruto to get close enough to activate the deeper Otsutsuki power inside his Karma, opening a portal that snatches Isshiki out of Hidden Leaf and off to another dimension! 

At first, Naruto is panicked, but Sasuke calms his friend and delivers the somber reality that all three of them - Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto - are prepared to lay down their respective lives to protect Hidden Leaf. And with that, Sasuke uses his space-time powers to follow Boruto, so that the trio can now go all-out in their fight with Isshiki! 

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