Naruto Kicks Off Isshiki's Hidden Leaf Invasion

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations kicked off Isshiki Otsutsuki's sudden Hidden Leaf Village invasion with the newest episode of the series! The latest string of episodes have been fairly intense in the anime as after Amado and Kashin Koji enacted their secret plan against Jigen, it was revealed that the threat was much larger in scope than anyone could have predicted. Naruto and the Hidden Leaf Village had been preparing to fight against Jigen and the members of Kara, but the previous episode revealed that they actually needed to prepare against a new Otsutsuki threat instead.

The previous episode saw Kashin Koji successfully fight against Jigen and manage to kill him in the process, but in doing so, had unleashed Isshiki Otsutsuki within that body's Karma by force. Not only was it immediately clear that Isshiki was far more powerful that Koji could deal with on his own, but this Otsutsuki was now on a time limit and aiming straight for Kawaki. This comes to fruition with the newest episode of the series that officially ends the fight between Isshiki and Koji, and following this fight, Isshiki used his warping ability to suddenly invade the Hidden Leaf Village in an attempt to capture Kawaki and use his body's Karma once more. 

Episode 215 of the series sees Isshiki Otsutsuki make his way into the Hidden Leaf Village, and Shikamaru and the others had to quickly prepare an evacuation and counter strategy against the powerful foe. The anime expands on this initial invasion more so than the original manga's version of the events as well as the initial forces of Konohamaru, Rock Lee, Tenten, Choji, and Kiba had attempted to stop Isshiki before he could do any real damage. But as we see, their teamwork is nowhere near enough. 

Not only does Isshiki take them all out instantly with a single attack, but because his body does not have long to live he's far more aggressive in his search to find Kawaki and implant him with another Karma. Thankfully, Naruto and Sasuke show up just in time to temporarily halt this invasion. It's still going to be a long and tough fight before Isshiki is completely defeated, however. 

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