Boruto Leaves Kashin Koji on a Deadly Cliffhanger

For quite some time, one of the biggest mysteries of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been just what the identity of Kara member Kashin Koji is, and with this mystery being solved in the anime's latest episode, the series also gave viewers a cliffhanger that leaves his current status in question. The Kara Organization Civil War might have come to a close with Jigen netting a victory thanks to some drastic actions taken in the tail-end of the fight, but it's clear that the power of Koji simply can't be denied thanks in part to his genetics.

Kashin Koji has been revealed to be the clone of Jiraiya, the mentor to Naruto who died at the hands of Pain during the Naruto: Shippuden series, and though he was able to do enough damage to Jigen that he was forced to burn through his own Karma, Kashin found himself on the receiving end of some terrifying attacks. With his left arm crushed to the point where he couldn't move it and the clone of Jiraiya receiving some brutal internal injuries, he was left with little recourse outside of fleeing the scene and licking his wounds. Luckily for Kashin, he can utilize his mastery of Jiraiya's techniques and used a giant toad to make his escape.

(Photo: Pierrot)

Without going into spoiler territory, it might be some time before anime fans are able to learn the current status of Kashin Koji, who was unable to accomplish his goal in his battle against Jigen. While the story of the manga is in a very different place than the anime currently, the status of Kashin remains largely a mystery, much like the identity he held close to his chest for so long.

The anime is setting the stage for the ramifications of the Kara Organization Civil War, with Isshiki needing to take Kawaki's body to save his own life, as his form of Jigen is being burned away at a rapid pace. With only a few days left before he dies, Isshiki is now face to face with Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto, as he seeks to save his skin and continue his quest of fulfilling the plans of the Otsutsuki.

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