Naruto: 'Boruto' Teases [SPOILER'S] Introduction

Boruto is already on his way to becoming a hero like his father. After years in the Academy, the [...]

Boruto is already on his way to becoming a hero like his father. After years in the Academy, the boy got his ninja headband not too long ago, and Boruto is learning how to work within Team 7. The kid has a lot to do before he's ready to take on the looming Chunin Exams, but Boruto is starting to set up the test.

After all, new stills for the anime's next episode are out, and they feature a very familiar face.

As you can see below, Pierrot shared several stills from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations online today. The pictures come from episode 43 which drops this week, and fans were quick to point out Katasuke from the batch.

The older ninja is seen in profile as he looks out the side of his glasses. The jounin has a couple band-aids on his face, and his wide smile is as warm as it is disconcerting.

Of course, this is not the first time Katasuke has been shown before. Naruto fans will know the ninja from Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Katasuke is one of the main researchers with the Leaf Village's Scientific Ninja Tools division, and he caused a whole bunch of issues for Boruto.

In the film, a jaded Boruto comes across Katasuke who manipulates the boy into using a ninja tool during the Chunin Exams. The hidden weapon helps Boruto get to the exam's final hurdle, but Naruto exposes his son to the village as a cheater. Fans were quick to bash Katasuke for his overbearing desire to use Boruto as a lab rat, and it seems the anime will introduce the jounin before the exams even get started.

Katasuke may not be a fan-favorite character in the anime, but he has since been redeemed in the manga. The series revealed the jounin had been put under a genjutsu during the Chunin Exams which prompted him to act so rashly. Right now, Katasuke is currently on a mission with Team 7 in the manga, and he has convinced Boruto that ninja tech isn't about taking shortcuts and cheating.

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