Naruto Takes Another Life with Boruto's Latest Shocker

Naruto certainly hasn't been shy about knocking off major characters in the past, with the likes of Jiraiya, Pain, and Madara Uchiha just being a few of the ninjas that passed on. With the current arc seeing Team 7 suffering the loss of Kagura, the latest episode has seen another major ninja being killed as the struggle within the Land of Water continues. As the shonen franchise continues, the young ninjas of Konoha are facing some difficult situations on numerous fronts.

In the latest episode, viewers were forced to bid farewell to the young ninja Hebiichigo, as the pirate Funamushi expressed his true power and delivered the killing blow to the warrior from Kirigakure. Having forged a friendship with Metal Lee, Hebiichigo is able to at least say goodbye before passing into the beyond, lighting a new fire under the young members of Konoha that are seeking to put an end to the mad mission of the Funato pirates. With the anime introducing plenty of characters that never appeared in the pages of the manga, it seems that any and all of the original ninjas are on the chopping block within this new storyline.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared some images from the death of Hebiichigo in the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, with the young ninja of Konoha having to once again say goodbye to one of the friends that they made while venturing out on anime-only adventures within the television series:

While Team 7 is currently fighting against pirates in the anime, the war against the Kara Organization continues to rage in the pages of the manga as the Hidden Leaf Village has added an unexpected ally to their ranks. With the former head of the Kara Organization's research and development team, Amado, now working for the side of the angels, he has done the impossible and resurrected Delta, programming the former villain to now battle against her former allies. With creator Masashi Kishimoto proving that he's not scared to wipe out some major players from the table in his new role as writer on the sequel series, no one appears to be safe in either the manga or the anime.

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