Naruto: Everything You Need to Know About Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

What Is Boruto Vol. 2 "Two Blue Vortex" about? We break down the Naruto manga's big timeskip, storyline, and new character designs.

The Naruto Saga is set to continue with the next volume of Boruto's manga, which will be titled Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. If you are looking for a quick rundown on what Boruto Vol. 2 is all about – read below! 

Boruto Vol. 1 Explained

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The first volume of the Boruto manga through some major twists into Naruto lore. The true origins of the Otsutsuki were revealed to be that of an alien race of beings that achieved god-like immortality through the parasitic transference of their essence through the Karma marks the imprint onto their host bodies. The Otsutsuki traveled the universe harvesting the life essences (chakras) of entire worlds through their "God Trees," which are grown from Ten-Tails that consume a living Otsutsuki; God Trees then convert the chakra of planets into fruits the Otsutsuki consume, in order to continuously evolve their bodies and powers. 

Naruto and Boruto faced several new Otsutsuki threats in Vol. 1 and were both left forever scarred by their battles. Naruto saw his power forever diminished when his lifelong partner Nine-Tails sacrifice himself to help Naruto fight Kaguya's estranged partner, Isshiki Otsutuki. Boruto was forcibly bonded with the vile Momoshiki Otsutsuki, after destroying the villain in a fierce battle early in the series. 

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After the fall of the Otsutsuki, Naruto, and Boruto learned that the world was still far from safe. Boruto's contact with Momoshiki was revealed to be forever transformative: his DNA was converted into Otsutsuki DNA, making him essentially one of them; even Boruto's new friend/rival Kawaki was left with the stain of the Otsutsuki on his DNA, after years of serving as Isshiki's vessel. Isshiki's criminal syndicate group Kara also unleashed its worst cyborgs ever (Code, Daemon) once their leader was gone – including Ada, a girl with a godly power: Omnipotence, a shinjutsu that allows the user to rewrite reality itself by altering the minds of everyone in the world. The threat of Kara's cyborgs made Kawaki take a misguided approach to "protecting" his surrogate dad, Naruto, by locking the Hokage and his wife Hinata in a different dimension. 

Boruto Vol. 1's Big Twist came when Ada discovered her Omnipotence power by trying to give her crush, Kawaki, his deepest desire: not having to kill his "bro" Boruto to finally end the Otsutsuki legacy once and for all. Unfortunately for Kawaki and Boruto, Ada took things too literally: using Omnipotence, she re-wrote reality, swapping Kawaki and Boruto's life stories in the minds of everyone in the world. Boruto became the outcast boy used as an Otsutsuki vessel; while Kawaki became the son of the world's greatest shinobi hero. Only Bourto, Kawaki, Ada, and Boruto's friend and teammate Sarada know the truth about what happened, and Sarada managed to convince her dad, Sasuke, to believe her crazy story and escape with Boruto, as his sworn protector. 

What Is Boruto: Two Blue Vortex About? 

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Boruto Vol. 2, "Two Blue Vortex" will advance the series 4 years into the future. Right off the bat, that timeskip will bring things back around to the flash-forward scene of a teenage Boruto and Kawaki battling it out over a destroyed Hidden Leaf Village. That beginning raised major questions that have been hanging over the series during its run – now, "Two Blue Vortex" is looking like the place where we'll get answers. 

When the new story arc begins, Boruto will have been on the run for years with Sasuke, while the soul of Momoshiki Otsutsuki would be to Boruto what Nine-Tails was to Naruto: a monstrous ally/power source riding shotgun in Boruto's psyche. Both Boruto and Kawaki are expected to have leveled-up their respective Otsutsuki powers via the Karma seals they are marked with – that would mean some exciting new kinds of fight and action sequences than what we've seen in the Naruto Saga. 

Boruto: Shippuden

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Starting new volumes of story after significant timeskip is not new for the Naruto series: in fact, it's a repeat of history. The first Naruto manga/anime series followed Naruto as a pre-teen boy, learning the shinobi ways in school with his friends Sasuke and Hinata; the second volume (Naruto: Shippuden in the anime) took him through his mid-to-late-teenage years, into the cusp of adulthood. It seems like Boruto will be echoing that life progression. This will be significant new designs for the younger characters of the series, including Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada, and Boruto's shinobi friends Mitsuki, Shikadai, etc. 

Shippuden was much darker and more serious in tone than the first volume of Naruto, so fans are expecting the same for Boruto: Two Blue Vortex and that's saying something. Boruto was already bloodier, edgier, and somewhat darker than Naruto, so Two Blue Vortex may reveal Boruto to be much harder-edged than his father ever had to be. That would be an ironic change for the character: Boruto has had his fair share of critics for being a softer and sillier character than his father. seems that impression is about to rewritten. 

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga begins on August 21st.