Naruto Shippuden Cosplay Explores Jiraiya's Pervy Novels

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the greatest shonen heroes to date, but he did not gain all of his power [...]

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the greatest shonen heroes to date, but he did not gain all of his power overnight. Masashi Kishimoto introduced the boy to all sorts of mentors growing up, and they created the foundation for Naruto's success. That is why Jiraiya is such a beloved figure in the fandom, and now, one fan is showing their love to the Sannin in a special way.

The cosplay comes from alexdrastal over on Instagram. The cosplayer, who has tackled tons of anime in his time, felt it was only right to show Jiraiya some love on his page. This prompted him to create a Naruto cosplay of the Pervy Sage, and he made sure to include the hero's books to boot.

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"I love Jiraiya so much and honestly I've been watching Avatar and Uncle Iroh is constantly giving me the feels and reminds me of a less Pervy Sage haha," alexdrastal wrote about this photoshoot. As you can see above, the cosplay itself is pretty flawless, and it shines a light on Jiraiya's beloved novels.

Complete with a style white wig, this Naruto cosplay comes together with a molded Hidden Leaf headband and mesh underclothes. A red vest lines Jiraiya's torso while a pair of green-brown pants cover the rest of his body. The outfit completes itself with a pair of wooden sandals and hand guards to ward away rogue kunai from the enemy.

From top to bottom, this Naruto cosplay is perfect, and it shows the creator of Make-Out Paradise in his natural state. Jiraiya likes to enjoy downtime when he gets some, so we cannot blame thee guy for picking up a book in his spare time. But as for whether the book is for you - well, that is only something you can decide.

Want to see more cosplays form alexdrastal? You can find him on Instagram here!

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