This Burglar Claims ‘Naruto’ Taught Him How to Be a Ninja

When Naruto fans want to be like the ninja, most just try running like the orange-loving hero. It [...]

When Naruto fans want to be like the ninja, most just try running like the orange-loving hero. It looks like one otaku didn't get that message though; he tried to rob a Target in honor of the hero instead.

Thanks to WSB TV, anime fans have learned what can happen when a Naruto fan goes rogue. According to the site's report, a Florida man was arrested in Atlanta this week after he tried to burglarize a Target shopping center in the early morning. Christopher Zahyeer Atkins triggered the store's security alarm, and he had one interesting motive for casing the joint.

The Dunwoody Police Department wrote up an anecdote about the arrest on Facebook. You can read about the criminal's so-called Ninja Way below:

"Last night officers responded to a burglary alarm at one of our major retail stores. The alarm company observed a suspect on camera making forced entry into the business. Officers quickly arrived on scene and checked the area. One of our officers observed a suspect walking away from the business matching the suspect description seen on camera.

Officers interviewed the suspect and he admitted to making forced entry into the business because he was reading the book Naruto, Volume 5. In this book it was teaching him to be a ninja and how to enter secured areas. He was arrested and charged with 1st degree burglary."

Atkins felt Naruto had taught him how to case a store without being caught, but Masashi Kishimoto did not intend for his manga to teach such lessons. If anything, the creator would likely hope Naruto could prevent crimes like this from happening.

Also, the fifth volume of Naruto has nothing to do with thieving; the paperback details the hero's first go at the Chunnin Exams and the written exam he must take to go onto its next round. So, it's no wonder the burglar bugged up his would-be theft.

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