Netflix's One Piece Has Reportedly Cast "Big Stars" for Its Leads

One Piece has big plans for its future, and that is not just including the anime and manga. It wasn't long ago that the series' creator confirmed he was working with Netflix on a live-action series and work on the show is getting underway. The first production details for One Piece went live the other week, and now a new report says Netflix has tapped some big names for the TV series.

The rumor comes courtesy of One Piece's live-action news network. The fanmade account has been collecting details on the Netflix production since day one, and it claims a recent Q&A with Christopher Sean shed light on the Netflix original.

The actor, who is best known for their work on Hawaii Five-0, seems to have told a fan that Netflix has cast "big stars" for the lead roles of One Piece. This comes after Sean was asked whether he would play Roronoa Zoro in the adaptation.


Currently, there is no word on who exactly has been cast in the anime, but fans know casting calls went out earlier this year. During a recent interview with producer Marty Adelstein, the executive said no casting has been done for One Piece, but it would be doing so soon. Recent reports like this one suggest Netflix has found several of its leads, so fans are eager to see who has been cast.

Currently, One Piece is slated to begin filming in August, so casting has surely started. It seems likely that official news about the cast will be shared in July, so netizens will not have to wait long before their curiosity is satisfied.


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