Netflix Map Shares Each Country's Favorite Original Anime

When it comes to Netflix, the streaming site is the biggest platform on Earth for movies and [...]

When it comes to Netflix, the streaming site is the biggest platform on Earth for movies and television shows. Competition has been fierce as of late to keep the streaming crown, but Netflix has diversified into a new medium to keep the title squarely on its shoulders. One of its top ventures has been anime, and thanks to Budget Direct, someone has taken the time to figure out which Netflix original anime is the most popular in each country.

The data was taken straight from Google as the report looked at the most-searched Netflix anime in every country. Of course, the shows had to be original to Netflix, so the shows listed are only available on Netflix in their respective country. This means shows like My Hero Academia or Dragon Ball are out of the competition, but that is no matter.

After all, Netflix has plenty of original anime, and there are some clear winners amongst the bunch. The Seven Deadly Sins ended up taking home the title of most popular Netflix original anime in the world. It was followed by Beastars and Blame as they rounded out the top three.

netflix anime map
(Photo: Budget Direct)

In fact, The Seven Deadly Sins was the most searched Netflix original anime in 127 countries total. Beastars came in second with 35 countries and Blame earned 25 countries.

Of course, other series did make the list. Castlevania came in first with several countries as did Violet Evergarden. Kengan Ashura and Ultraman also took home several prizes around the world. But as it turns out, The Seven Deadly Sins cannot be beaten when it comes to global popularity! That isn't surprising given how popular the manga was during its run. The series came to a close earlier this year in Japan as both its manga and final season came to a close. Netflix is slated to bring the final season to its catalog shortly so fans in the U.S. can see how Meliodas finishes his journey.

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