Olympics 2021: U.S. Athlete Buffs Up with Special One Piece Tribute

The Tokyo Olympics are underway, and some of the best athletes in the world have already hit the field for their hard-earned medals. Of course, a number of these athletes have given shout-outs to their loved ones and coaches, and some have taken those nods even further. So if you thought you saw an athlete nod to One Piece the other day, well - you were right.

The whole thing went down as the Olympic shot put finals got started. The event welcomed a slew of fit track stars who were ready to let off their best throw. It was there Payton Otterdahl walked out for Team USA, and he stopped to make a cheeky homage to One Piece.

As you can see here, the video shows Otterdahl walking out while an image of the American flag stands in the back. The shot put athlete gives a quick introduction to audiences at home, and it was impressively extra. After all, he took a moment to mirror Franky's iconic pose, and Otterdahl even seems to be quoting the pirate's catchphrase.

So, let's be real. Otterdahl is the most super athlete at the Olympics, right? I think that is how the Straw Hats decide things...

If you are a fan of One Piece, the athlete's nod is hard to miss, and Franky would be flattered by the callout. The bulky pirate would make for an excellent shot put, and his persistence would ensure his success. Otterdahl couldn't have picked a better role model to thank, and he ended up ranking 10th in the shot put finals. Now, Otterdahl has the anime fandom's support on his side, and One Piece stans have no doubt the thrower will medal at the next summer games.


What do you think of this unexpected One Piece nod? Would Otterdahl fit in with the Straw Hat crew? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.