One Piece Fan Just Brought Robin's Most Beautiful Move to Life

The War For Wano has seen the Straw Hat Pirates having to pull out all the stops when it comes to defeating Kaido and his Beast Pirates in the pages of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece, with Robin being no exception as was apparent in the latest chapter of the series. Wasting little time, one fan animator was able to perfectly capture Robin's most beautiful, and perhaps most powerful, attack that she has in her wheelhouse in the form of Gigante Fleur, which sees the archaeologist member of Luffy's Crew using her Devil Fruit powers to create an insane display.

In chapter 1020 of One Piece's manga, Robin was face to face with some of Kaido's strongest lieutenants, re-affirming her position of helping Monkey D Luffy in his quest to become the King of the Pirates in a stalwart display, while also expressing her feelings for the Straw Hats' cook Sanji:

"He's a very kind man. You don't need to know what it means that Sanji relied upon me for help. He is truly worthy of being the wings of the king of pirates."

Twitter Artist Amano Moon created this stunning animation in record time, showing off Robin's insane new ability dubbed Gigante Fleur, which is spawned from the Devil Fruit Hana Hana no Mi and allows her to sprout her limbs and other body parts on target, whether they be human or otherwise:

The Straw Hat Pirates have been fighting the Beast Pirates in the War For Wano for quite a few chapters now, with Robin's biggest battle seeming to be against Black Maria. Though none of Luffy's crew has perished as of yet, the odds are still insanely stacked against them, and it will be interesting to see if Robin will be able to make it out of the isolated nation alive. With Eiichiro Oda stating that the Shonen series is set to end within the next five years, it will be interesting to see what Robin's ultimate fate will be.


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