One Piece Is Going All Out With Nico Robin's Long-Awaited Fight

The War For Wano might be walking anime fans through the battle featuring the Straw Hat Captain Luffy and the Beast Pirate Captain Kaido, but One Piece has also given fans the opportunity to see how the other Straw Hat Pirates are handling themselves during this wild confrontation. In the latest episode of the Shonen's anime series, Nico Robin is taking center stage as she fights against the arachnid swashbuckler Black Maria, while revealing just how powerful the female Straw Hat has become during her travels with Luffy and company.

Nico's Devil Fruit, the Hana Hana no Mi, allows the archaeologist to create duplicates of her limbs and sprout them from surfaces she targets, with Robin coming to realize that she will need to give it her all to take down the powerful Beast Pirate. Transforming into a giant version of herself with limbs that are directed at Black Maria, Nico unleashes her "Sea Serpent Snapdragon" attack, which is quite something to look at, but unfortunately isn't enough to defeat the spider-like pirate. Without going too deeply into spoiler territory, the fight is far from over and there's been one particular moment that Robin fans who read One Piece's manga have been waiting to see make its way to the anime.

Nico Nico Knee

Twitter Users and fans of One Piece's anime have taken the opportunity to share the stunning moments of this battle between Nico Robin and Black Maria, with the latest episode seeing how the Straw Hats' archaeologist is working to win this Wano fight while hinting at some big events in the next episode's preview:

Nico's battle wasn't the only major event taking place in this latest episode, as Luffy has been working to heal himself from the injuries he sustained in his fight against Kaido, eating the massive provisions of the Heart Pirates. While Robin fans are waiting to see her big moment take place in the anime adaptation, Monkey is set to have quite a big moment of his own, as manga readers wait to see how his next big transformation will look on the small screen.

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