One Piece Cosplay Brings Zoro's Wano Look to Life

The anime fandom has some of the best cosplay pieces on the Internet, and it is thanks to people [...]

The anime fandom has some of the best cosplay pieces on the Internet, and it is thanks to people like jihatsu on Instagram. As anime continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are spending time making elaborate looks for their favorite characters. And if you have been needing a good Zoro cosplay, well - you have come to the right place.

Over on Instagram, the user jihatsu did get netizens going when they posted their most recent look. The fan, who has done a slew of anime cosplays to date, decided it was time to honor one of anime's greatest swordsmen. So of course, they had to tackle Zoro in his fresh Wano Country regalia from One Piece.

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"It's been about two years since I cosplayed a One Piece character and here I am preparing to make Wano 2.0 for Holmat, hope you peeps been enjoying the Wano arc just as much as I have," jihatsu wrote about the photo shoot in question.

As you can see above, the One Piece cosplay shows jihatsu in traditional robes with black and gold accents. Paired with a green outer layer, Zoro comes to life with this look's styled wig and scarring. The swords in the back complete the look, and jihatsu makes it all the better with a traditional tea set in one shot.

Clearly, jihatsu did their research for this cosplay, and Zoro looks stunning in this piece. The character has been blessed with a stellar arc in Wano Country to date, and he is poised to do even greater things as the story winds to an end. So if you have been holding back on your own One Piece plans, well - now is the time to pull the trigger!

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