One Piece Cliffhanger Teases a Boon for the King of the Pirates

Though the main quest for Monkey D. Luffy has always been to become the King of the Pirates, he [...]

Though the main quest for Monkey D. Luffy has always been to become the King of the Pirates, he isn't the only swashbuckler sailing the Grand Line who is looking to take the crown, as the latest chapter of One Piece's manga shows that quite a few others are hoping to get their hands on the prestigious title. With the War For Wano in full swing, Luffy has definitely jacked himself up and has clearly become a much bigger threat to Kaido, his Beast Pirates, and any of the other pirates who are aiming to keep the current status quo for Wano!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1001, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some slight spoiler territory in the rest of this article!

Luffy has done the impossible and managed to actually damage Kaido with nothing but his fists, as it's clear that the training he undertook before the War has paid off. With Luffy joined by the likes of Zoro, Kidd, and Trafalgar Law, the pirates of the "Worst Generation" are going to need their wits about them when it comes to battling not only the captain of the Beast Pirates but also Big Mom, who is currently fighting by his side to take over the world and find the One Piece treasure!

One Piece Pirate King
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Both Kaido and Big Mom clearly have their eyes set on becoming the King of the Pirates, with the Beast Pirate captain laying down the idea that the victor of their battle will be able to acquire all the treasure and possessions of their fallen foe. Though we doubt Luffy would be jumping at the chance to gain more treasure, as he has always been more interested in the travels he has undertaken and the friends he has made, it's a nice prize to whoever wins this current fight and proves that becoming the King of the Pirates definitely has its rewards.

The two villainous pirates have definitely amassed their fair share of treasure, and while we don't see Luffy becoming the leader of Wano should he win the day, it would definitely change the future of the isolated nation!

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