One Piece Challenges Dr. Seuss and Harry Potter with New Sales Record

One Piece reached a major milestone this year when its 1000th chapter went live, and the series is still thriving even after all this time. Eiichiro Oda did not know the beast he created when he crafted Luffy decades ago, but time has shown how influential the pirate is. These days, it goes without saying that One Piece is one of the most popular series to ever come from Japan, and its new sales record has put Dr. Seuss and JK Rowling in a tough spot.

If you did not know, One Piece has pushed forward with a truly impressive record. The series has more than 480 million copies in circulation at present. This is a truly insane number for any manga or novel to boast... so One Piece has some new opponents to topple.

With 480 million copies sold, One Piece is eyeing Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Gilbert Patten as its next opponents. Oda ranks below them on the list of best-selling fiction authors of all time. One Piece has overcome major writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Jackie Collins, and Stephen King to date. Now, Rowling is on the list at 500 million copies of Harry Potter to her name. Dr. Seuss has sold the same with their various children's books, and Patten still ranks high thanks to his dime novels from back in the day.

At the pace One Piece is going, Oda could easily overcome these three authors. Sales for the manga are steady despite its age, and its recent 1000th chapter breathed new life into the fandom. So if you ever wanted to see Luffy take on Draco Malfoy, you might still get that chance.


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