Universal Studios Details Its Ultimate 'One Piece' Attraction

Spring may have sprung and brought fair weather with it, but it seems like summer is now just [...]

Spring may have sprung and brought fair weather with it, but it seems like summer is now just around the corner. With summer vacation rolling closer for many, people are already planning where they will go for vacation this year, but One Piece fans know where they need to head. So, if you can afford to head to Japan, then you better stake out your airfare now.

After all, One Piece is about to hit up Universal Studios Japan, and the takeover is not one you want to miss.

Recently, Universal Studios confirmed One Piece would be bringing back its annual park event in Japan. The event will add to the long history of 'One Piece Premier Summer', a summer event where One Piece brings attractions and more to the amusement park (via Otaku Mode).

one piece
(Photo: Universal Studios Japan)

So far, a handful of events have been announced for the One Piece special. First, the premiere attraction will show a new live-action play at Universal Studios Japan. The stage play is keeping its details on the low for right now, but Universal Studios promises it will tell an action-packed story and use plenty of special effects.

If the play doesn't grab your attention, then there will be other One Piece attractions to check out. The park plans to have water gun battles where attendees can fight against the Straw Hat crew. So, if you've ever wanted to douse Zoro, then you need to check out the One Piece Water Battle.

After battling it out with the Straw Hat crew, fans can then get some food that would make any One Piece lover jealous. The park will open up Sanji's Pirate Restaurant, a cozy sit-down joint that plans to serve artisan French cuisine. Sanji will make the rounds at the restaurant to ensure all of his customers are happy, so any hungry ladies better brace themselves for the chef's suave flirting.

If you want to check out One Piece Premier Summer for yourself, then you can start planning. Universal Studios Japan plans to host the event between July 6 and September 30.

Would you like to check out this One Piece-centric event? If the show traveled to the chain's Orlando park, would you make sure to visit? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!