One Piece Debuts Yamato in Anime's Updated Opening

One Piece likes to drop surprises for its fans when possible, and the anime found space to give us [...]

One Piece likes to drop surprises for its fans when possible, and the anime found space to give us a new one this week. As expected, the anime hit up the fandom with a brand-new episode, but no one expected its big opening update. And thanks to the shake-up, a very special character from the Wano Island saga has made their anime debut.

So please be warned! There are major spoilers below for One Piece! Proceed with extreme caution!

If you are familiar with the One Piece manga, the name Yamato should be familiar to you. Wano made the name hugely important as it was revealed Kaido has a child of their own. The announcement was made after Kaido tasked his top cronies to locate Yamato, but his kid had very different ideas.

As we know, Yamato is firmly sided with Luffy in this war, and they have taken on Oden's mission for themselves. Readers have become obsessed with Yamato in his short tenure, and the opening now gives a nod to Yamato. As you can see above, the hero is shown in shadow with their yellow eyes glowing.

Yamato cannot be seen in close detail, but his long white hair is pulled back with two strands falling beside their face. His yellow eyes are hard to miss in the opening as are their bright red horns. The rest of Yamato's look is finished with hoop earrings, white-and-red robes, and a thick belt. It goes without saying that Yamato is an easier sight than Kaido, and their tenacious spirit has made him an absolute joy for fans.

This little update was easy to miss for anyone unfamiliar with Yamato, but One Piece readers are freaking out over the fighter. They have been waiting for Yamato to show up since his manga debut, and their introduction is drawing nearer by the day now.

Did you catch this One Piece nod in the updated opening? How hyped are you for Yamato to make his big debut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.