One Piece Publishes Official Saga Guide at Last

One Piece has been around for decades at this point, and creator Eiichiro Oda is getting ready to embark on its final act. While there is still plenty of story left to go, all eyes are on the past as One Piece readers are trying to revisit the manga's best parts during its current hiatus. And now, the series just made catching up easier than ever with an official saga guide.

The update went live this weekend when One Piece released a special guide while Oda is on hiatus. It was there The Road to Laugh Tale revealed new info about the manga, but none of it was more helpful than its list of arcs. So if you want to know how the manga's team divides the story, you can read up on their sections below:

East Blue – Volume 1 to 12
Alabasta – Volume 12 to 24
Sky Island – Volume 24 to 30
Water 7-Enies Lobby – Volume 30 to 45
Thriller Bark – Volume 46 to 50
Summit War – Volume 50 to 61
Fishman Island – Volume 61 to 66
Punk Hazard – Volume 66 to 70
Dressroa – Volume 70 to 80
Zou – Volume 80 to 82
Whole Cake Island – Volume 82 to 90
Wano Country – Volume 90+

As you can see, the list dictates 12 major sagas, and One Piece has some more on the horizon. After all, Oda has confirmed he is ready to enter the manga's endgame, and that means its final saga should be on the horizon. Of course, any number of arcs could be contained within this final act, but Oda's last hurrah is going to be one for the history books. So if you are not caught up with the manga, you better get to reading before you miss out on One Piece's last stand. 

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What do you make of this long-awaited list? Which arc or saga from One Piece stands out as your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.