One Piece Unveils Franky Statue in Creator's Hometown

One Piece has been releasing a number of statues in the hometown of the Shonen franchise's [...]

One Piece has been releasing a number of statues in the hometown of the Shonen franchise's creator, Eiichiro Oda, which has become hot ticket tourism spots for fans of the long running series, and it seems as if another Straw Hat Pirate has been given a new statue in the form of the Thousand Sunny's shipwright, Franky. Though Franky has been a late addition to the Straw Hats, being the seventh member to join Luffy's crew in the rubber pirate's bid to become the king of the pirates and work toward making the world of the Grand Line a better place!

With the likes of Luffy, Chopper, and Brooke having already been given statues of their own in Oda's hometown of Kumamoto and have actually been shown to bring about a significant amount of new tourism to the city. With Franky, the franchise is adding one of the biggest members of the Straw Hat Pirates to the statues that are appearing in the town, the Straw Hats are coming along nicely. Franky himself has been a big part of the franchise, recently jumping into the War for Wano arc that has seen the Straw Hats attempting to open the borders of the isolated nation!

Twitter User New World Artur shared the massive new statue of Franky's post time skip look, showing off the "Iron Man" that has become a trust worthy force for the protagonists of One Piece, recently squaring off against Big Mom in the anime franchise:

In the Wano Arc, Franky is joining in the fight against Kaido and the Beast Pirates, making a splashy entrance by ramming his motorcycle directly into the face of Big Mom, while struggling against the enemies and explosions taking place around him. As the battle is roaring across the nation, the Straw Hat Pirates are looking to bring the battle directly to Kaido himself, the captain of the Beast Pirates who has been tangling with the vassals of Oden. Needless to say, the Straw Hat Pirates are lucky to have a ship wright like Franky with them considering the hard hitting battles that they've been a part of.

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