One Piece Short Pits Gear 5 Luffy Against Lucci: Watch

A fan animator imagines what Luffy's re-match against Rob Lucci will look like animated in One Piece.

One Piece in 2023 has been one of the biggest years for the shonen series from creator Eiichiro Oda. While Netflix released a live-action adaptation of the Straw Hat Pirates earlier this summer, Monkey D. Luffy has gone through a big change in the War For Wano Arc. Now wielding the power of Gear Fifth, Luffy will be able to use the technique following Wano's conclusion and one fan animator has imagined what one of his latest battles would look like in motion.

The final saga is playing out in the pages of One Piece's manga, as Oda himself has stated time and time again that the Straw Hat Pirates have embarked on their last expedition. Without moving too much into spoiler territory, one of the first fights that Luffy is a part of following his battle against Kaido is the return of Rob Lucci. While Lucci has improved his strength and skills since he last tangled with the Straw Hat Captain, the villain has never encountered something like Luffy's ultimate transformation. As the battle between Luffy and Kaido continues in the War For Wano, it might be some time before we see the Rob Lucci re-match hit the small screen.

One Piece: Luffy V Lucci

Fan animator Kieca was able to take the recent fight between Luffy and Lucci and animate it, imagining what this final saga battle might look like in motion. With Gear Fifth transforming Monkey into a living cartoon, the animators at Toei Animation have their work cut out for them whenever the Straw Hat Pirate decides to rely on the power of Gear Fifth. However One Piece decides to bring its story to an end, it is sure to end with a bang.

The end of the fight between Luffy and Kaido seems to be close to its end, though One Piece has yet to confirm when the earth-shattering conflict will end. As the recent episodes have shown Monkey enhancing his fist to the size of Onigashima itself, and the Straw Hat Pirates not directly fighting Kaido are attempting to save Wano from complete destruction in the meantime. 

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