One Piece Teases Kaido's Bloody Comeback

One Piece's newest chapter is teasing a bloody comeback for Kaido! The war for Wano Country is now in full swing in Eiichiro Oda's manga as the Akazaya Nine have begun fighting against Kaido on the top of the skull dome in Onigashima. Fans have been treated to brief glimpses into this inaugural battle against Kaido, and it seemed like with each new view into the fight that the Akazaya Nine were able to hold their own. Not only did they seem to damage Kaido with a number of their attacks, but it even looked like they could win.

The newest chapter hits fans with a cold dose of reality, unfortunately, as Kaido is nowhere near defeated. Living up to his title as the world's strongest pirate, Kaido seems to be in the makings of a major comeback as he's beginning to make his move against the Akazaya Nine with a series of one-shot knockout hits.

Chapter 996 of the series continues the war for Wano Country as fans get brief glimpses into all of the smaller battles taking place across Onigashima. Unfortunately for the Akazaya Nine, the update we get for their battle against Kaido is a rough one as he's seen clubbing each of them without remorse. Kaido bloodily beats Kin'emon, and although Denjiro manages to stab him in the side he's knocked to the ground as well.

One Piece Kaido Bloody Comeback Onigashima Fight Tease Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

By the end of the glimpse we get into the fight, each of the Akazaya Nine members have been bloodied and are knocked out cold on the ground in front of him. Although their initial raid was indeed successful, they could not hold out in the face of Kaido's overwhelming invulnerability. Making matters worse, the end of the chapter sees Big Mom making her way toward the roof of the dome.


At the same time, there is hope as both Luffy and Eustass Kid are making their way to the roof of the dome as well. Luffy is further ahead than Kid is, but it's likely that he's going to come across someone else blocking his path before getting to Kaido. There's just too much chaos to guess, however, as the scramble to reach the top begins.

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